Loans We Offer

Whatever your dreams, we can provide the financing you need. A sporty new car, a rugged truck, a sleek ski boat or a fishing boat, a long-needed vacation, even your home. Our members are looking for affordable loans for a wide variety of needs.

Auto and Truck Loans 

 Get up to date pricing and facts about the vehicle your considering. Visit the loan calculator to find out what your payments will run.

Before you walk into a dealership, get your financing pre-approved at the credit union. Pre-approval is an easy process and can be done before you even pick out that new or used vehicle. The credit union reviews your information and credit history and promises, for a certain period of time, to give you a vehicle loan up to a particular dollar amount.

Hear are the benefits of pre-approval:

  • Dealers know you are a serious shopper and will give you the attention you deserve.

  • Pre-approval assures you of a low interest rate your loan is from the credit union.

  • Pre-approval lets you know what your payments will be before you start looking. So you will know exactly how the purchase will affect your budget.

  • Pre-approval means you only have to negotiate price with the dealer. No haggling over financing.

You may apply for pre-approval on-line, over the phone or at any branch. 

Personal Loans

This includes loans for any reason. You may use this type of loan as overdraft protection along with your share draft (checking) account. Even though this loan carries the highest rate we have you may pay much less interest than you would elsewhere because of the quick method of repayment we have.

Visa Credit Cards

 The credit union offers Visa credit cards.

Share Loans

Borrow money against the money you have on deposit at the credit union with substantial savings over an ordinary loan.

Other loans

We also lend money for many other good reasons including boats, appliances, computers, vacations, Christmas, etc.

mechanical repair coverage

Does it seem like vehicle warranties never extend quite far enough?

How many times have you heard stories about appliances that never broke down, roofs that never leaked and cars that ran fine--until the warranty ran out?  A recent poll conducted shows that drivers intend to keep their vehicles for ten years or more. Most new car warranties last three or four years, so the chances of having to pay for repairs increase during the remaining six years of vehicle ownership. 

Car repairs aren’t getting cheaper, either. Major repairs like a transmission can cost $2,000 or more. And even small, but necessary repairs like a wiper motor can cost hundreds of dollars. When your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired or if it doesn’t cover certain mechanical problems, you could be stuck with some unexpected expenses over and above your vehicle loan.  

That’s where adding MEMBER’S CHOICE® Mechanical Repair Coverage can help. It can deflect some of the risk of costly repairs so you can afford to keep your vehicle running extra miles and extra years. With three different coverage levels and deductibles to choose, there’s a plan to fit your family’s budget.

Whether you depend on your vehicle for work or getting your family to school and activities, you need transportation that’s safe and reliable. The older your vehicle, the more it takes to keep it in good working order. Not making small repairs can lead to even more expensive repairs and ignoring other repairs can be dangerous.

MEMBER’S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage can help cover the unexpected costs of parts and labor and can help keep your vehicle on the road longer. If you’re planning to keep your vehicle beyond the  manufacturer’s warranty, it could be the right way to go.

Check with your loan officer for more details on MEMBER’S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage, including benefits, exclusions and limitations.

guaranteed asset protection (gap)

What is MEMBER’S CHOICE™ Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)?

It’s a way to help protect your vehicle loan. Many times primary auto insurance settlements don’t pay off your loan balance. When you buy a new or used vehicle, there’s no way to know if it will be stolen or totaled in an accident. With MEMBER’S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset Protection, you’re protecting your vehicle investment against a possible financial loss.

How does it work?

The fee can be included with your monthly payments or made separately by cash or check. If there’s a difference between what you owe on your loan and the value of your vehicle, GAP will help pay the difference based on the terms of your member agreement. By taking a few simple steps while signing your loan paperwork, you’re helping take responsibility for your financial future. GAP also includes up to $1000 towards your down payment of a replacement vehicle (where allowed by law and when financed by our credit union). Your loan officer can show you how. You can cancel within 90 days for a full refund. If you have questions, simply contact your credit union.

Why is it valuable?

New and used vehicles often depreciate rapidly and vehicle loans are typically getting longer in terms. There may be a point where you owe more than it’s worth. That’s where MEMBER’S CHOICE GAP can kick in. If your vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident, GAP will help cancel the difference between the primary insurance settlement and what you may still owe. MEMBER’S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset Protection helps you prepare for the unexpected.

How much does it cost?

MEMBER’S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset Protection cost $275.  The cost can be included with your monthly payments or made separately by cash or check.