Savings Accounts

Special Share Savings Accounts

One more unique thing that your credit union offers are special share savings accounts. You can save money for almost anything in these accounts and take advantage of the ease of payroll deduction.

Want a great idea? Just take your vehicle insurance premiums and divide that amount, which seems huge, into an equal weekly figure. Now sign up for payroll deduction deposited into a Special Share Savings Account and never worry about paying those insurance premiums again because the money has building up in your account and it's been earning dividends as well!

This is a super idea and it will work with almost any special project you can think of. We've listed a few below:

  • Vacation cruise

  • New shotgun

  • New ring

  • Children's education

  • Homeowners insurance

  • Down payment on a home

  • Remodeling

  • Backup savings account

  • Bill payment

Let us set one up for you today, don't put it off. You'll be glad you did!

share certificates

Our Share Certificates offer members a way to earn higher dividends on larger account balances deposited for set periods.

  • Minimum deposit of $1,000.00

  • Differing maturities

  • Dividends are paid at maturity

  • Dividends are not paid on early withdrawals

  • At times we offer JUMBO Share Certificates paying even higher dividends

individual retirement accounts (ira) shares

We offer IRA's that meet your needs!

IRA's are the smart investment vehicle for your retirement. They provide a disciplined method of saving for the future. They also enjoy tax advantages, which allow your money to grow faster and greater than non-tax-advantage accounts.

  • No minimum balance is required

  • No monthly fees

  • Contributions may be made in "lump sums" or by regular deposits to the IRA throughout the year

  • Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly

Traditional IRA's are accounts that allow you to defer taxes on your earnings until they are withdrawn. Also, certain contributions may be tax deductible in the year they are made. Penalty-Free early withdrawals are possible for certain education expenses, first-home purchases and medical expenses. Consult your tax professional for applicable laws.

The Roth IRA is an account that features tax-free withdrawals for certain distribution reasons after a five-year* holding period. Since Roth IRA contributions are non-deductible and taxed in the year they are earned, members who expect to be in a higher tax bracket when they retire may benefit more from a Roth IRA than from a Traditional IRA. Unlike the Traditional IRA, there is no requirement to begin taking distributions at age 70.
*Varies for IRAs converted to Roth IRAs.

The Education IRA is an account that features tax-free withdrawals for a child's higher education expenses. Contributions are non-deductible, therefore unlike the Traditional IRA, qualified distributions from an Education IRA are penalty free and tax-free.

christmas club accounts

Ho, Ho, Ho, will be here before you know it. Be prepared with a credit union Christmas Club account. Let us show you how to save a little each week out of your check to build up for the holiday season ahead.

Our Christmas Club Accounts feature a withdrawal period any time after October 1st each year. This means you may withdraw or transfer all or any part your Christmas Club Account balance any time between October 1st and December 31st with no hassle.